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To support the clubs and volunteers that make our community events possible in Helvetia, please consider a donation. We'll cook up a mess of ramps for you!



A community that volunteers together stays together. We like to brag that we may be one of the highest per capita volunteering communities around.


Want to help keep Helvetia's traditions alive? Our volunteers work on everything from roasting ox in a pit to preserving and cleaning 100+ old headstones in the Helvetia Cemetery.

If you are interested in joining us, email us or review our community calendar for scheduled volunteer dates. Thank you!

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helvetia_historic_trail_11x14 copy.jpg

Historic Trail Map

by Rosalie Haizlett

Helvetia Restoration & Development Organization commissioned this watercolor map of our historic trail from artist, Rosalie Haizlett for Helvetia's 150th Anniversary in October 2019. We have limited prints numbered 1 to 100.


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Helvetia: The History of a Swiss Village in the Mountains of WV
by David H. Sutton

This history explores the unique founding and development of a community nestled within the wilderness of Appalachia.                           


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