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Venues to rent

Want to host an event in Helvetia? We have several lovely indoor and outdoor venues you can rent. Proceeds help us maintain our buildings and community. For that, we thank you. 

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Photo by Ulrich Burkhalter

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Photo by Gabe Dewitt

Helvetia Community Hall

With a large dance floor & stage upstairs and an equally large dining room & fully equipped kitchen downstairs, the Helvetia Community Hall is the perfect venue for weddings, family reunions, dances, proms, and more. The hall has four bathrooms and a pavilion. 

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Photo by Gabe Dewitt

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Photo by Gabe Dewitt

Helvetia Star Band Hall

While the Star Band Hall has a slightly smaller dance floor than the Helvetia Community Hall, it has a balcony, small kitchenette, and one bathroom. It is a great location for smaller events, bridal or baby showers, and more. 

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Helvetia Zion Presbyterian Church

This lovely church features stained glass windows that Helvetia families donated. Perched on top of a hill, it's a charming location for a wedding, baptism, or funeral. 

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Photo by RDZ Photograpahy


Photo by Ashley Giffin

Helvetia Historic Square

The Historic Square offers meadows, our Helvetia museum, and a gazebo perfect for small outdoor events like weddings, birthday parties, and family reunions. 

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Photo by Ashley Giffin

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